Monday, November 29, 2010

Nina's Collection Giveaway


Fuuuhhhhh, serious berdebar nak post entry nih. Fuhh.. *cool down Niesa*

Ok, tanpa segan silu, let me tell u something. This will be my 1st contest. Ahaha. Thanx Awyn Mok sebab kamu tag aku.

So, aku masuk pon suka2, nak try my luck. Mane lah tau kan?? Hadiah die serious mahsyuk.

K guys, for more info, u just click to this website okayh! Nina's Collection Giveaway.

Mane tau ur luck is there. We never know kan?? :P

Haa, ini banner die. Red roses gitu! :)

N now, saya mau tag ini 3 org budak!! 

p/s: Harap2 aku dapat hadiah tuh! Aminn. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Awww, Awww! Malacca getaway guys!

Assalamualaikum and hyee.

It's 1430Hrs on 28/11/2010. Raining heavily, feel bored, starving, dunno what to do. And suddenly, Malacca get away popped out on my mind.

Ok, on the  23rd of November, 1 day after Sultan Johor's birthday, my gang and I lari dari kesibukan kota JB ke Hostorical City, Malacca. Act, kami xplan pon this thing. Ntah camne tah boleh come out with this idea.

Well, dengar jer Malacca kan. I jadi org yg plg excited kot. hehe. Paham2 lah yer. :) 

So, 5pm sharp I terus jer change my uniform to casual outfit, n wait for Myza to fetch me. Then, kami ambik Umairah. Budak Umairah nie xbg tau mak die nak ikut kami. Ala2 lari diri die tuh. :)

So, Myza, Mas, Umairah and me went to Malacca. It tooks 1 and a half hour juga lah from JB. Mase tue, serious I dammnnn tired! OT bz gilaa. Banyak major case kot! Huh! So, tidur jer dalam kete.

As we reached Malacca, the 1st place yg kami pergi was JJ. Jumpa Irfan, ambik house key die. 

Ok, kebetulan Erin lau was there to meet her family, so after dinner kat Asam Pedas Laksamana, kami ambik Lau, and jalan, jalan, and jalan lagi. Irfan was there also. So, 6 of us merayap2 macam kutu rayap! Wee~~

Penat nak tulis, jom view pics!! :D

Ini jer ke Niesa?? Sikit sangat!! Ehh, xmungkin sep! Scroll lagi ke bawah!!

 Ok, LOVE BIRD pulak!!

Ok, I'm done with Malacca. Till the next entry, guys! 

Much LOVE.

p/s: Sorry Myza, kami buat kau demam. Irfan, thanx bg pinjam umah!

Ok, I've been tagged!

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Ok, I've been tagged by one of my cleverest friend, Pika Belle. We known each other since schooling time lagi. And 1 word I can describe her, she's a RESPONSIBLE girl who did very well if she was given some tasks. Kan Pik, kan??? Kau memeang hebat Pik! :)

Ok, back to the topic. These are the questions that been asked. Aduii, kene jujur ker Pik?? Ok, lets check these out.

1)Benda yang paling penting dalam hidup?
  • Definitely la my family. Without them, I'm nobody! Then, it comes to money. Ahahaha. Mata duitan! $$ :D

2. Benda terakhir di beli dengan duit sendiri?
  • Erm, now dah kerja, so all the things pon have to buy with my own $. Erm, BlackBerry Bold 9700, Carlo Rino handbag dengan Esprit punyer bag kot. :)

3. Tempat perkahwinan yang nak di buat nanti dan temanya?
  • Semestinya di kampung saya, Muar lah. Preferred home rather than hall or hotel. Kan best! Ade 'kendarat'. Meriah and jimat. Tema maybe modern classic, colour plak would be white + red combination, grey yg ala2 silver. Ahaha. Dah, stop! Xhabis2 nanti cerita pasal kawin nie. :)

4. adakah anda sedang bercinta sekarang?
  • Yes, definitely. We've been through all the hardness and happines for 2years. :)

5. berapa lama anda akan mencintai kekasih?
  • Xpaham soalan la. Serious! :)

6. dimana anda selalu jumpa kekasih?
  • Melaka, kat rumah Granny die. Ahaha. :D

7. novel / buku / majalah yang terakhir di beli.
  • Novel = The Seven Secrets of Happiness by Sharon Owen. 
  • Buku = Macam xde jer. :)
  • Magazine = Cleo Nov issue

8. name penuh?
  • Nor Hairunnisa Binti Omar (cahaya sebaik baik wanita)

9. antara mak & ayah, mana lagi mesra?
  • Dengan abah kot. I'm a Daddy daughter. Hehe. Tp, if ade cerita pasal kasih berkasih nie, mak is the best person to approach! :)

10. namakan orang yang betul2 nak jumpa dalam hidup.
  • Erm, if possible nak jumpa Donald Trumph. Hehe. wanna ask him on how to run a business. And teringin sangat nak jumpa Dr Mahathir, satu sesi khas temu ramah dengan die. hehe. Not forgotten, having a leisure time dengan semua manusia yg aku adore. Ahaha. 

11. adakah aku basuh baju sendiri?
  • Yeah, absolutely. Even balik rumah pun, I preferred to wash it by my self. Satisfaction, babe! :D

12. di manakah tempat yang aku nak gi..
  • From my childhood time lg, teringin sangat2 nak pergi japan and Spain. Besides that, Paris and UK lah. Not forgotten, menunaikan Haji dengan family tersayang. :) 

13. pilih salah satu : peluk or cium ?
  • Of course lah peluk. Rase sangat secure kot kalau kene peluk, while kissing xrase secure kan?? :P

14. bagitau 3 perkara pasal orang yang tag aku nih..
  • Pandai
  • As I mentioned earlier above, responsible
  • School runner ok same2 ngan aku, Nora, Azzah. Hidup Bemerlang and BM!! :)

15. 5 benda yang aku sangat sayang dalam hidup..
  • Family
  • Friends (You know who u are)
  • Gemok (Irfan Azizi)
  • Hp
  • All my belonging okayh! :)

16. 5 lagu yang aku selalu dengar.
  • For The Rest Of My Life, Maher Zain
  • Always Be My Baby, David Cook
  • Written In The Stars, Tinie Tempah feat Eric Turner
  • If I Die Young, The Band Perry
  • Kenapa, Daus AF8
17. Tarikh lahir dan sambut kat mana tahun lepas?
  • 17th May 1988, ok utk last year means 17th may 2009, rite?? Aha, celebrate it twice. With all my colleagues, dekat Hospital Tampoi. And second, my best buddy, Aretha and Ai Ting bought a cake for me, and had a lil' surprise for me. Dah tidur kot mase tue. Haiisshh, miss them both! :(
18. 5 orang blogger yang nak di tag.

19. cerita sikit pasal blogger pertama yang ditag
  • Ok, masliha Tiwol is my roomate. Kenal dia dah 1 year. Same attitude, same interest and probably have a same thought! :) 

Ahahaha. That's all about the tags, guys! So to those yg dah kene tag by me, ape lagi?? Paham2 k! 

Till the next entry. Much LOVE! 

♥ It's a LILEY thing ♥

Assalamualaikum and hyeee!!!

For this entry guys, seriously I would like share with all of u something that remind me of something! Ahaha. It's pretty insane. I know that. But, somehow I just it! Ahaha. :D

Okie, as I mentioned in the title, It's a LILEY thing, aite?? Am sure some of u might wondering what the hell of that LILEY thing. Ahaha. 

Ok, I think for those who are big fans of Miley, sure u guys know what is LILEY.

Straight to the point, LILEY is a name combination. Li = Liam and Ley = Miley! Ahaha. Maybe some of u may think that I'm too obsessed with both of them, but HELL no, guys!

I just to see both of Liam and Miley. And they remind me of something! Ok, u guys check these out!

Ok, now kindly u observed their height. Ahaha. Don't u think Liam is tall and big enuff for short and cute Miley?? Ok, how about these photos.

Ahahaha. Okie, I guess some of u guys dah tau wat is the purpose of this entry! Dun U think there's a similarity between LILEY and US?? Ahahaha. It's the height guys! Lalalalla~~

Chills guys! And sorry for being a bit "perasan" in this entry.

Herm, I watched The Last Song again and again just to click my brain to find the similarity between us. Ahahaha. And told you, it's just a fun, guys!

Us are tooooo much different from LILEY. :)

Have fun guys! LOVE!

p/s: The moment I wrote this, I miss my only Gemok! Sob! Sob! :(

The Last Song

Hye readers. Am pretty sure most of u already watched this awesome movie rite??

Okie, I'm a bit late of watching this, but hell yeah I'm amazed with it. Aha. :D

Its super duper awesome! Well, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are in the movie. Actually, that would be the BEST reason why I adore this movie damnnn much! Ahaha. :D

For those who not yet watched this movie, lets check this out. Here are the plot. Enjoy!!!

At seventeen, Veronica "Ronnie" Miller  remains as rebellious as she was the day after her parents' ugly divorce and father's subsequent relocation to Georgia three years ago. Once a classical piano child prodigy under the tutelage of her father, Steve Miller , Ronnie now rejects the instrument and has not spoken to her father since he left. While Julliard School has been interested in her since she was young, Ronnie refuses to attend.

Now, Steve is given the chance to reconnect with his estranged daughter when her mother, Kim  sends the rebellious teen and her younger brother, Jonah, to spend the summer with him. Steve, a former Juilliard School professor and concert pianist, now lives a quiet life in Tybee Island, the small Georgia beach town where he grew up, working for the local church to replace the one the church lost in a fire.
Upon arrival, Ronnie is miserable, hostile and defensive toward all those around her, including handsome, popular Will Blakelee whose introduction is crashing into her during a volleyball match, spilling Ronnie's strawberry shake on her. She shrugs him off and meets Galadriel "Blaze", an outcast who lives with her boyfriend Marcus. While at a beach campfire, Marcus hits on Ronnie and Blaze mistakes this for Ronnie flirting with him. Angered by this, Blaze sets Ronnie up by placing a bracelet in Ronnie's bag. When Ronnie walks out she is promptly arrested, reminding her of an incident back at home. Later on, Ronnie discovers a nest at the beach by her house and while protecting it, she meets Will again on his volunteer work for the aquarium. After a night of staying up to defend the turtles with Will, she discovers he is deeper than she believed.

As Ronnie falls in love with Will, she also manages to form a better, stronger bond with her father.

As their relationship deepens, her father collapses with a coughing fit one day. Ronnie immediately takes Steve to the hospital to realize that he had been diagnosed with cancer long before her summer visit. She decides to start spending more time with her father since he is not likely to live much longer. Around the same time, Ronnie and Will get into a fight. With Will leaving for college, there is no time to patch things up.
Steve has been working on a piece of music for quite a while. Fall comes and Jonah has to return to New York for the school year but Ronnie stays behind to take care of her father. Leading a slow life she tries to fill the three years of ignoring her father into a couple months. She continues working on his piece of music (titled "For Ronnie"), finishing what her father could not (because of his hands). When she finally plays the last chord, she realizes that her father died listening to her play, and is heartbroken.

At his funeral she stands up to make a speech but declares that none of the speeches she wrote would ever be able to show how wonderful her father was. Instead, she played the piece of music that her father had been writing but never finished.

After the funeral, while Ronnie is talking to the attendants, she runs into Will. The two make up, and at the end of the movie Ronnie tells Will that she will be attending Juilliard for the second semester. Will surprises Ronnie by revealing that he will be transferring to Columbia in order to be with the girl he loves.

Hey, serious guys! It's a must watch movie! 

That's it!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

♥ Tweet, Tweet ♥

Assalamualaikum and hello to all my beloved readers and awesome followers. 

Well, Seriously I dunno what to post lately. Hehe. So, here I am. :) 

Just a quick update to y'all. I've created my Twitter account!Hell, yeah. I had one. I dunno why I've created the account. Well, maybe what my friend, Mas said was so damn true.She did said this to me " wah, kau aku tgk kebelakangan nie free semacam". Ahaha. :D 

With the free time I had, so this Twitter account existed. If not, xde maknenye. :) So great followers and beloved readers, kindly add me niesya88.

Till the next entry, guys!

Much LOVE, Niesa.

Friday, November 19, 2010

★Thank You ALLAH ★

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Just a quick update! :)

Ya ALLAH, terima kasih atas segalanya.

I'm happy right now. There's something that make me feel happy. And I know that 
I CAN! Terima kasih Allah!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

♥ L.O.V.E ♥

U’re tall, U’re fat, U’re fairer than me, U’re big enaff for people to tell U that U older than me,U easily get mad, U’re joker, U’re big eater just like me! 

U jealous with peoples around me! Ahaha. U’re not good in riding a motorbike (in fact, U dun have a B2 license), U're a crazy driver when u get mad, ur  voice soo dammnnn terukk, U’re kind hearted man which U can’t see peoples U love suffering.
U’re hot tempered man, AND that’s for serious! U will do anything for ur Baba and Granny, U’re afraid of cats and darks. U hardly go out with ur friends, U’re a protective man, U loveee to smile until my abah ask me” kenapa die nie suke tersengeh2?” :)
U’re outspoken, U love to workout in gym, U're not handsome, not yet a macho guy, U don't like networking, U prefer stay at home, U're chubby, U're willing to do anything for me (cheh!!) , U're good in making money ( izitt) :P
U're an easy going man, U're quite a forcing man,  U always talk non-stop till I fall asleep, sometimes U're too childish (layan), U're not really good in badminton and futsal, U're die hard fan of Manchester United's team.
U're kinda romantic man, U like to fool around. Once U study, I can't disturb U, U did a partime job since ur schooling time, U're an independent man.
Ok, U like Chinese girls, U're younger than me (ahaha, kantoi) U're good in advising me ( Hmm, terpaksa dengar), sometimes, ur easy going turn out to be shy.
Haih, still a lot to describe U. Malas mau pikir! :D What matter most is I LOVE YOU and YOU LOVE ME! That's what we count.

"U" that I mentioned above is my beloved Gemok + Buncit, Nor Irfan Azizi Bin Nordin.

muka bahagia after makan!

Gemok kalah mase nie

My LOVE, I'll never find another lover, sweeter than u, and more precious than u.  And I promise that, I'll be with u and always stay by ur side in no matter what situation it will take. Count on me, LOVE! I need you to colour my day, to cheerish every moment that I spent.
LOVE, U always be a part of me, and I'm a part of u indefinitely! Yeah, truth to say that every night sure a lil' argument came between us. I enjoyed it most, LOVE!

We know what we want in this beautiful relation. Ya Allah, give us strength to face all the obstacles that came along. Seriously, I dunno what will happen to my day without u.
For any reason, U'RE still the best for me. Fullstop. I LOVE YOU!

Kami GILA!

My hand is yours to hold, GEMOK!

p/s : Maaf entry ini terSANGATlah JIWANG. I mintak maaf, only to appreciate his love. Ahaha. Xsalahkan? :P
Layer, guys!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Some of u might wondering what had happened on that day kan?? Jeng3. Aha......

Well, I've had a small operation done on me. Ahaha. Excision of sebacious cyst jer guys. And under sedation only. ( 5MG Dormicum ) okie?? :P

Night before the operation, serious I can't sleep. Xsabar kot. Hehe. Lagipon mase tue I on call, got case. Around 3am baru balik dr hospital.

Okie, for those who don't know me, let me tell u. I'm working in Operation Theatre. So, definitely la I dah tau what Dr's gonna do with my cyst. That's why I xtakut. :P

0900hrs, as usual la, I registered myself kat front counter. Then I straight naik ke ward. Not even half an hour I di ward, OT (operation Theatre) dah call. And my case was the 1st case for that day. 

Serious I tell u, rase different sangat2 while I've been stretched in to OT. Ya la, normally I yg buat patient, and now I yg jadi patient. Dunno how to express the feeling, but it was AWESOME guys! I like!!

As I reached OT, my colleagues dah tunggu. Aha, Farah yg check I. Ala, the same questions we asked patient before they stretch in to OR. :)

Ok, stretched in to OR (operation room). I memang gelak saje. Xtakut pon. Dr Zul insert brannula, and farah started to give me Dormicum. And after that its all BLACK!

I dah knocked out dah! Hehe. Dr Zul start buat excision, and he used diathermy to burn. And mase tue, I jerit. I cakap SAKIT! Ahaha. Farah bg full Dormicum, and I fall asleep again.

As I opened my eyes, everything dah siap. I memang sleepy ++ guys! Xsedar satu ape pon. Bangun2 jer, dah sampai ward. hehe. :)

K, these some pics to view. My friend yg snap kan for me. 

ok, saya sedang di operate!

I dah knock out, Dr Zul and Sn Suhaila! :D

p/s : Thanx a lot to Dr Zulkarnain, ur incision serious cantik. Xnampak sangat scar. 2ndly to all OR staff, hmm to MD3 staff, not forgotten for those yg visit I. Thanx a lott!! 

N guess what?? I dapat MC 5 hari, and trus balik Muar, and mengenjoykan diri bersama family tercinta di A' Famosa Resort! Siap jumpe my LOVE lg! :)) *very bad of me*

Later, guys!

Salam Aidiladha

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Well, I just wanna take this opportunity to wish u guys " Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha".

Salam Aidiladha to all. :)  

Till the next entry.
mood: serious sedih + sayu

Monday, November 15, 2010

Night Thought

Hye, just a simple thought to share with u guys!

 "We don't have to be thin to look beautiful. We don't need to be good looking to be pretty. Look inside yourself and find strength. Because if a woman is confident, she's sexy" :)

Me @ JOHO Gallery. And it was awesome! :)

p/s: And I'm proud of being Nor Hairunnisa Binti Omar! 

Well, that's all for now. Will update u later, guys!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sitz Bath

Asalamualaikum and hello guys!

You may be wondering, what is a sitz bath isn't it? Ok,

 A sitz bath is literally what it sounds like - a bath where you sit in warm water that covers the buttocks and hips. This explains why so many people call it a 'sits bath'. Sitting in warm water allows more blood to reach the impacted area, promoting healing and helping with any discomfort. A sitz bath uses the theory of hydrotherapy or water therapy.

And this sitz bath is commonly been used for *haemorrhoid treatment.

**haemorrhoid** swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum or anus or in layman "buasir

How does sitz bath related to haemorrhoid?

Sitz bath promote healing and ease discomfort by encouraging blood flow to the rectal area. It's also thought that they help to relax the anal sphincter.

So, normally for pt yg ade haemorrhoid nie,Dr akan suggestkan utk buat sitz bath. Nak dijadikan cerita, one of my colleague nie, husband die didiagnosekan Haemorrhoid. So, admit la di GH selama for few days.

Before discharge, NURSE ni  bg Health Education to him on how to do the sitz bath.

Then, the husband asked him how much to put in the salt.

And U know what?? The NURSE answer him, "SECUKUP RASE". I was like OMG!! What the hell , man!

As a NURSE, can u tell him the proper way on how to do the sitz bath, how much u have to put in the salt, and how long it would take.

Ini dengan BANGGA nye, U jawab mcm tue. Susah ker nak answer him properly?? It's embarrassing okie. Please laHh!!

C'mon la, we've been taught of this thing during college time, rite?? So, can U just applied what u've been taught. Xsalah kan???

Macam mane patient nak baik if u bg "health education" macam tu? Xguna u belajar Nursing Intervention dulu, kan??

p/s: It makes me think why most of peoples out there really look down on nurses! It's because of this "intelligent" people.

Later, guys. Bye!

Antara Kehendak Dan Keperluan

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Okie, KEHENDAK and KEPERLUAN which one yg u all akan sempurnakan dulu?? :P

4sure KEPERLUAN kan?? :)

Well, same goes to me. Okie. Ape yg Niesa Omar nak sangat2 ek??

Jeng3. I need a BRACES!!! Yeah, It's a need for me. 

inilah yg saya mau!!!

So, Ipod Touch, Nikon SLR, Coach handbag, anda kene ikut list. Niesa kene sempurnakan KEPERLUAN die dulu okie?? :)

Okie, catch u later, guys!! :)

Intelligent Peoples With No Brains

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Well, according to the title pon, sure u guys dapat agak kan what am I gonna post in this entry.

Entahla, susah jugak kan if sumone tue memang pandai geliga, tp x gune kan kepandaian yg die ade utk menjadikan die lagi better.

Malah yg kite kate PANDAI nie macam lose their humanity pulak. Sampai sanggup buat others teraniaya disebabkan kePANDAIan die. 

Ok, kite xpyh tgk jauh. Just tgk jer dunia skarang. Masuk akal kan ape yg I post nih??

Well, renung2kN and selamat beramal! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hutan Bandar,JB VS Celcom

Assalamualaikum and Hello guys!

Well, I da janji nak update u guys my feedback pasal Hutan Bandar kan?? Ha, chicken chop die its only MYR5. Haaa, Lamb chop pulak MYR10. And ia sedap!! Worth to buy la kate org kan?? :P

CELCOM?? Okie, I've been using Postpaid Celcom for roughly 2years. Undeniable, memang reasonable rates die. N nak dijadikan cerita, I td pergilah Celcom Centre nak register my BB. Ermm, okie staff die boleh tahan la.  I mean service die.

Tp, yg I xboleh blah I punyer bill da menjangkau 200++. Fine!! Senang cakap, I punyer outgoing calls is only MYR70+, camtue jer. Hmm, the rest tue sebab my BB. I xregister mase mule2 I pki. I xgune internet lgsung since I bought my BB. Staff kat sane kate even I xgune internet, BB tue auto browser, thats y la kene charge.

Hmm, xper laa. I pon malas nak pikir. Biarkan jer laa. And petang nyer, I bayar la bill tue. Nnt kene barred, lagi susah. Xdapat call Abah, Mak and Gemokk!!! :(

Kesimpulannya, petang td I marah la jugak. Huhu. Tp xde la terlalu marah. Hehe. Boleh control lg. Feel good lah katekan. :P (aperlaa aku merepek nie)

K guys. Till the next entry. Daa~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Assalamualaikum and hello guys.

short entry jer nie.

I nak kuar dinner di Hutan Bandar, JB. Chicken Chop harganye ONLY RM5.50 sen. Hehe. K, I try dulu. If worth to go, I bgtau k. :D

Later Guys. Much LOVE

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A grown up girl with a small heart.. ♥

Assalamualaikum and hello guys..

Ermm, I just got back from work. And today kerja mcm biasa. I've scrubbed for Hysterectomy case.
2nd assistant. Pheww! Sumting happened.

Been scolded by the doctor. Wtf! Well, for those who know me, sure u guys tau I camner. I XKISAH dimarahi, ASALKAN memang I yg SALAH n BUKAN di hadapan org ramai. Once I've been scolded in front of others, I felt sangat2 down. Sangat2 guys! Malu pon ade. :( That's what I felt la td. 1 hour jugak I ambik mase utk settlekan myself. Relaxkan minda kat Changing Room. :D 

Yeah, I'm a grown up girl BUT with a SMALL hearted one. Easily to cry, to felt down and to lost my self esteem. That's me!

For my friend, ( u know who u are ) thanx 4 lending me ur shoulder to cry on. Thanx sangat2. :)

Tp, I memang xsalahkan my surgeon. He's right and I did wrong. Hehe. :)

p/s : Mase I tgh down tue, boleh pulak I regret why I am a NURSE! huhu.

Later guys. Much LOVE from me

Monday, November 8, 2010


Tubuhku menggeletar…
Di hati rasa berdebar
Apabila kau muncul menjelma di depan mata
Aku ketandusan kata kerana lidah rasa kelu
Ku cuba tepis perasaan tapi hati menuntut

Apakah sudah masuk musim cinta?
Katakan kenapa....
kau buat malamku sukar untuk tidur
Menanti esok tiba untuk berjumpa
Katakan kenapa....
kau buat siangku asyik mengelamun
Kepingin untuk bersama denganmu
Katakan kenapa?

Ku jatuh hati padamu…
Mataku tidak lekang tak jemu-jemu memandang
Memberikan perasaan teruja yang menggoda jiwa
Setabah mana hati akhirnya pasti mengalah

p/s : I Miss U, LOVE!

Irfan Azizi

Later, people! 

Night!! Much LOVE

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rindu Yg Amat :'(

Assalamualaikum and hello guys! 

Damn, I miss both my abah and my mak. :'(

Mak, angah syg mak. Even we're not so close, but percaayelah Angah sayang mak sangat2. Angah harap mak dapat maafkan all my mistakes samada yg Angah sedar atau pon x. Yer la, kot2 Angah ade lawan cakap mak ke kan?? ( Insyaallah, xde kot ) :) 

I just called my mom, telling her that I love her and I miss her. And dengan cutenyer, she replied me, Love u too angah. Miss U too. Owwhh, I'm touched. Seriously. Makkkkkkk!!! Sumpah I LOVE YOU

Mak xsihat now. Demam. And she started her insulin injection dy. Herm, my mom had a Diabetic and Hypertension. Die SANGAT degil and SUSAH nak control makan. I byk kali advise die, sampai xtau lg da camner nak advise. Hmmm. 

My pray will always for u MAK! 

Abah! Well, I'm quite close with my dad. Serious, I love him. I just can't imagine how would my life be without my Abah. He's my inspiration. Yeah, he is. 

Selalu ingatkan I, "angah simpan RM tue. Boleh enjoy, tp jgn terlalu okie". Ahaha. I dengan patuhnyer akan menjawab, " Ok bah, jgn risau. Angah dah simpan" Ahaha. 

Ermm, dunno why..... tonignt I miss my parents sooo dammmnnn much. 

Puan Rohayati and En Omar

Buat abah and emak, Angah sayang mak and abah. Sayang sangat2 k. ( Nak meleleh air mate dah nie) 

K guys, till the next entry. Love ya.