Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family, Friends, Love!

Assalamualaikum and hyeee..

Its been ages I didn't update my blog! Sorry guys. I've beeennnn veerryyy busy last few weeks! And that's for real. :)

Alhamdulillah, things went very well as I planned.

As for the beginning of Disember, my friends and I went for a so called camping at Hutan Rimba Commonwealth, Rawang.

Haihh, talking abt the camping, it was awesome guys! Sangat awesome!! We had jungle trekking, obstacles ( I passed all of them ) okayh! Not forgotten, horse riding. We also had a great time of playing cards ( I dunno how to play cards ) :(

I've so much fun during camping time. After 3days, 2nights of camping I went to KL. Well, seriously I lepaskan rindu utk pergi ke Pavillion. Berzaman I x pergi sane. And for sure mau makan di Western Cuisine @ Pavillion.

The most exciting thing was I met my schoolmates. Ya ALLAH, 5 tahun xjumpa. Zulaikha and Zahirah. 2 2 semakin comeylll!!! So, Zahirah picked me up at BB, and pergi Mid Valley 2 meet Zulaikha.

I balik ke hotel agak lewat malam tuh, around 1am I guess. Tomorrow morning, hv to go to Malacca, attending kenduri di rumah LOVE! Sangat penat, guys! Tp memang best lah!!!

Indirectly, for sure lah I dating dengan GEMOK i tuh kan? lepaking, Starbucks-ing and loads more yg kami buat! 

The next day, yeahhhhh HOME SWEET HOME!!!!! Pulang ke Muar, jumpa family tersayang! Seriously, I happy sesangat balik Muar. Melayan adik2 yg agak sengal memang buat xkering gusi nak melayan. Hehe. :)

Almost 1 week I bercuti, n now daily routine of mine bermula. Kerja, kerja, kerja! Ok, these are some pics that I would like to share with u guys. Check these out!!!

Haaa, sure u guys sangat jealous kan? Kan? Kan?

Okayh, for more pics mase camping, click here. Hehe.

Nie lah schoolmates I, babe!

LOVE time, babes!! Awww!!


And last but not least, ini lah fav I! Beef lasagna! Nyummyyy!!

Ok, that's all for now. Will update u soon. :)